My Evil Aunt - A TV series coming soon

A work of fiction (or is i?). Filmed in the North and South of England, this series centers on one womans narcissistic behaviour within an already troubled family.

Decades of bickering with siblings, lies, alleged kiddie-fiddling , psychotic breakdowns, and that is just one evil aunt.

Add to the mix; a murderer, a bank robbery, secret marital affairs, Russian Mafia ties, and we have a family!

pic shows my evil aunt


The aunt is a narcissist, always has been, and always will be. Following one night in which she felt she was not being pandered to, she fucked up an entire family.

Born the youngest of five, she was given the chances her siblings could not have, a good education and a place at university. As she went about her life in southern England, she began to look down her nose at her family in the North. It was clear that she was embarrassed by them.  After leaving university, she worked for a couple of years and married a successful man. 

Her niece (Julia) also went to university, worked in the South and after marrying and having a family, bought a home nearby. The aunt was always closer to Julia’s mum (her sister Wanda). The three would often meet up for drinks and meals. However, she would constantly fall out with the other siblings, sometimes for over a decade. From here on I shall call her – “MEA” (My Evil Aunt).

Mea's Siblings


As above, Wanda and Mea remained close from childhood. The two would have the odd word but had never really fallen out. Wanda was close with George and Carol (there were times of extended ‘coolness between Carol and Wanda). And Wanda was reasonably close with Jane most of her life. Out of all of the siblings Wanda probably was the most liked.


Never seemed to get on much with Mea. Mea called her ‘the hypochondriac’. Mea bought their parents house at the government discounted rate, which was very close to Carol’s house. When the parents died, the house was sold at a profit and Carol thought her parents would have wanted it to go to her sons, who still lived at home.

Later, when the two were not talking, Mea took her other two sisters and their daughters on an exotic holiday, leaving Carol behind.


Mea and Jane never got on, not for decades, and most of that time never even talked too each other. Mea had a nickname for Jane, she would call her “Sister Jane” (not a sibling reference). Mea found Jane’s regular attendance at church amusing. She would say “she is a hypocrite, a member of the ‘God Squad’, think she is above others when her own house is not without sin”.

Jane did not have much time for Carol or George either but was friendly most of her life with Wanda.


A decent man and brother, always protected his sisters. Mea was his favourite sister but she never really bothered with him in later life. Jane never had a good word to say about George and the two hardly ever talked, in fact they avoided each other. Carol and Geroge were usually on talking terms and he remained close with Wanda all their lives.