Decades of sibling bickering, lies, alleged kiddie-fiddling , psychotic breakdowns, and that is just from the Evil Aunt. Then there is a family murderer, bank robbers, marital affairs, working for the Russian Mafia, and so much more. This family is so fucked up!"

The opening introduction of the screenplay ‘My Evil Aunt’.


pic shows my evil aunt
The Evil Aunt

My mother is 81-years-old, and like many of other older people on the planet, has had to shield against  Covid. However, she has also had to shield herself from her female siblings. Why? Because they are twats. 

I have an Evil Aunt, she has always been the neediest person. And one night when her needs were not met, she fucked up an entire family.

From being young, she thought she was better than the rest of her family. In fact, she has said that most of them embarrass her. The older siblings had to do without,  so that she could have the education she wanted. Alas, she only worked a couple of years  and went back to education later in life, but mostly married well. However, she felt superior because she arranged the rebated mortgage on her parents house (a few quid a month) and paid it, later selling the house at a profit.

She stayed away from her ‘northern roots’ until, she met a successful Yorkshireman and then she revelled showing him off. “I am a Northerner you know” was mostly what he said but was actually a nice guy.  

She fell out with one sister for 16 years and another she never really bothered with. In fact, she frequently belittled and made fun of these siblings. One she laughingly called “Sister Jane” (not the sibling reference, it was that she found Jane’s regular attendance at church amusing). Evil Aunt would say, “she is a hypocrite, a member of the ‘God Squad’, goes to church to pray for the forgiveness of her family and their sins”. The Evil One called her other sister “the Hypochondriac” as she said that if anyone had an illness she would develop a worse one. The Evil Aunt fell out with this sister after accusing her son of sexual abuse involving a minor. Was that a lie or the truth? If it is a lie, why would someone say that? Conversely, if it was the truth, why was it not reported to the Police? Whatever it was, the Evil Aunt told the rest of the family that it was true.

Where It Began

As previously stated, my Evil Aunt was very close to my mother and sister. The Evil Aunt has always had a drink problem. I have seen her drink so much that she has passed out. Once when visiting me in Cyprus she embarrassed me so much by pissing herself, sat on a stool at my local bar.

5 years ago, the husband of the Evil Aunt became very ill. During this time, Evil Aunt would call my sister and mother constantly, sometimes drunk, angry at the world, rambling, nonsensically. My mother travelled to be closer to her and provide support. Mother stayed with my sister who lived close by to the Evil Aunts lair. That night, my mother had a call from her Evil sister asking her to come and stay over. My mother feared that this would be her sisters’ excuse to binge drink. However, she agreed to visit but said  she would not stay late as her son-in-law will collect her. This was basically an excuse for the visit not to become the catalyst for a late night drinking session. There was a problem; my mother had not ended the call on her mobile and whilst relating the call to her daughter (my sister) she said “she was not happy about me being picked up” This was when the shit hit the fan! Evil Aunt called the landline, screaming, swearing. My sister tried to explain, but Evil Aunt would not listen to reason. Evil Aunt ranted and raved “you fucking bitch!” etc. My sister tried to reason and then it became the Evil Aunt against the household, including the children………

Time passed, many phone calls and texts were exchanged. My mother and sister tried to reason with Evil Aunt but then she dropped the ‘bomb’ on them: The Evil Aunt threatened to go to her niece’s school (my sister’s daughter) and tell them her family were bad. The worst thing was her threat to call child services and say that my sister’s children were at risk. What real mother would say something like that.

Days turned into weeks, the Evil Aunt’s  calls, texts and emails were blocked. Then, one day, at a 5-star hotel (where Evil Aunt knew my sister was using the spa facilities) she accosted my sister, pushing her, shouting and screaming. The hotel security were called and the hotel manager told the Evil One to leave the premises and to never return. It was at this point that I got involved and emailed the Evil Aunt; it did not go well. This was to be the start of five years (so far) of evil plots, lies and deceit. My sister and her family would feel the brunt of this Evil Bitch’s wrath.

The Relocation

Evil Aunt moved 250 miles north, bought a second home and started to re-connect with her siblings. Remember, this was a town that she could not wait to get away from and had hardly visited for more than 40 years. In the past and without objection, Evil Aunt had disparaged every family member to my sister, mother and I. To Evil Aunt, 2 of them were common. one was a snob. Her nephews and nieces meant nothing to her, she called them every chance she ever had. But, the Evil Aunt had a purpose. She embarked on a series of lunches and gifting to her re-acquainted family ‘besties’. Within a short few months she had turned her sisters against my mother and sister. The Evil One told bat-shit-crazy-lies about my mother, my sister and I. They believed her. Only my uncle refused to turn his back on us.

The Escalation

Today, I wouldn’t piss on this Evil Aunt if she was on fire, I have no time for liars. I do not want to be bothered with her, she is irrelevant.  5 years ago, after seeing my mother upset and after a few drinks, I fired an email off to the Evil One. I threatened to tell her sister what she had told the family about her son, the child molester. 

a pic of an old car

In a pre-emptive strike to discredit me, Evil Aunt told the family of a story about how I tried to sell a company car to the Russian Mafia in Europe (how absurd). Apparently, this was while I worked for a company her husband ran. She fails to say that it was not a company car; it was a leased car, and I had contracted it personally. Even if I could have sold it, I would have had to pay for it, lol. She is an asshole for saying that and anyone believing it are bigger assholes.

Whilst working at this company, I witnessed dozens of calls to her then alive, albeit estranged husband’s secretary, in which the Evil Aunt screamed and ranted. At one time she even turned up at his place of work while I was in the office, people were watching her from the windows being escorted away.

My Evil Aunt stooped to a new low: My nephew is an amazing boy and is so brave. It hurts me to think about what he faces every time he has to undergo life-changing surgery. Some procedures were not available in this country, and my sister and brother-in-law have had to find 100’s of thousands of pounds to pay for treatment abroad.    –   Guess what the Evil Aunts do? (this is the original Evil Aunt and Sister Jane) –  They decided that my nephew does not need this treatment and collectively accused my sister of ‘Munchausen syndrome by proxy. To lie and say that someone would needlessly put their own child through years of pain is disgusting. The surgeons at the UK’s best hospital for children supported this treatment. Those specialists themselves stated that they could not perform these procedures in the UK.

The Evil Aunts have said that my sister has been prosecuted by the courts for harming her son. This is a total, disgusting lie. How can women lie about another mother doing this to her child. Unless they are disgusting cunts.

To keep up the segregation of my mother from her family, the Evil Aunt keeps saying to anyone that listens, that I send her texts or emails yet she never shows them. My cousin Angela even accuses me if this, yet nobody is shown them, why? 

My nana was the matriarch. How disappointed she must be if she is looking down on the family as it is now. Her own daughters turning against their sister. The lies, the Christian hypocrisy.

January 16th, 2021 Update

In an attempt to force me to remove this website, Evil Aunt used her LinkedIn account to message my brother in law. In which, she threatened; to telephone his place of work. Worse, and most sickening, she threatened to make a scene at my nephews school (yes, a boy that faces his disability so bravely) to embarrass him. She also made threats to go to my teenage niece’s school. All this documented and time stamped on LinkedIn

She has told the family members that believe her bullshit that she is consulting professionals. I hope that includes someone to help with her mental state. If the Evil Aunt leaves my family alone, I have no need to update this site. Well that didn’t work, lol.

March 7th, 2021 Update

Apparently, I have supposedly been making telephone calls to my Evil Aunt. This is of course a lie, my mother knows I have not made any calls; a) because I do not have the Evil Aunts number, b) I have no interest in calling the stupid cow. But, what I do not understand is; if her 2-bit solicitor shag was getting his bum chum to send a legal letter, why has he not sent it and why is she putting up with this (non-existent, in her mind) harassment.

March 9th, 2021 Update

Evil Aunt is desperate, apparently more texts and calls, how boring. As I have not sent any, I can only assume that the Evil Aunt has bought a phone and is texting herself, purporting to be sent from me. How weird and desperate is this shit? Are her sisters not wondering why the Evil One has not yet sent the solicitors letter? Why not take me to court? Is it because it is all lies?

A Family of Secrets

How come, nobody talks about Billy, our family strangler? Aunt Jane was his only contact while he served his life sentence, she used to write to him every few weeks (strange that, isn’t it). Or, what about Donald, his brother, the Quality Street Gangster (my 3rd favourite ‘Uncle’), I did some good business with Dennis back in the 80’s when I was involved with ‘dodgyness’  (the good old days until the extradition treaty came into force in the late 80’s). Those were the day’s, envelopes under pillows (you have to be ‘in the know’ to understand that). When I meet with the ‘Old Boys’ we still talk about that ‘system’ and it is still in use to this day. So these two men were actually my mothers’ and her siblings’ cousins, my nana took them in and raised them.

The Evil One’s latest spin is that my mother was a kingpin in one of the UK’s biggest ever bank robberies, just because her brother in law was involved. Stupid family members! Why don’t you think it was me, I was the one working with Shay at the BOW, lol.

Almost finished the family tree, though I have come across a couple of odd things. Some dates don’t quite match.

29th March, 2021 - Desperate

Hey, do all Evil Aunts get pissed up at the weekend?

My mother does not know of the contents of the site, she has never seen it. My sister and her family have had no involvement with this site. I do not give a fuck for anyone’s feelings. 

This site has not been promoted, no real names have been used. However, if anybody would like to take me to court about the site, I will be happy to call witnesses to defend anything in it. If you recognise yourself in it, good, expect to be called to give evidence. 

The site is not going anywhere. In fact, I will add to it every time any of you idiots contacts any of family. I am currently reading up on tax law, does anyone have anything to hide?

P.S. Please don’t tell my wife I was on t’internet at 3am, she will ground me.

Got a letter today, it pretended to be legal speak, but it had no header, it wasn’t signed, it wasn’t sent by recorded delivery. So, I didn’t read past the first line and I wiped my arse with it. If it was sent by the Evil One, then my response is “get on with your own life and leave us the fuck alone. Don’t make threats, if you want to take me to court for any of the contents on this site do it. I stand behind everything in it. I reserve the right to call any family member to corroborate”. Remember:

If you are the person that would threaten to tell lies to Social Services in order to remove your own niece and nephew (who was undergoing life changing medical procedures), from their mother and father;  what does that make you?

When my grandfather died, my uncle and I took all the black bin bags to the skip. When throwing one over the wall, a bag tore open and the turbine draft blew back some photographs.

Amongst them were pictures of my family and I with Nana and Grandad – So amongst those of you who cleaned up and filled those bags, one of you disposed of those photographs. I know who it was, I always have; what does that make you?

So much more to add….or shall we just stop here? Remember, contacting or disparaging any of my family will result in more truths being put here.